Monday, February 14, 2011

Fabulous Flowers

If you didn't get the jewelry and flowers you were hoping for this Valentine's Day, my advice is to make your own! Here are some of my favorite flower/accessory projects.
For the project above, I used a broken strand of faux pearls and the rest of the stuff in the picture below.
For the middle flower I cut out four small circles in diminishing size from the satin ribbon. I burned the edges and then glued them on top of each other, added the pearl, and then glued them onto my necklace.

The ribbon that I chose for this project has wire in it. For the other two flowers, I first cut the ribbon in half (long ways or hot dog style as my kids call it). Then I cut four strips, once again in diminishing sizes of width and length.
The edges will once again need to be burned to avoid fraying. Next, I pulled the wire out of each side and then pushed the ribbon down creating a ruffle. Then I glued the detached sides together twisted the wire and cut the excess wire off.
I continued this step for each ribbon strip and then glued the smaller one into the next biggest one, finally adding the pearl and attaching them to my strand of pearls with the glue gun.
Here is another way you can wear your new creation.
At the mall this weekend I noticed that the ZIPPER Flower is making a lot of appearances in the fashion world. I found an adorable wallet at Macy's with a zipper flower that I just had to imitate. So, I bought a $2 hat at TJ Maxx and attached my version of the Macy's Wallet Zipper Flower. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of how to create this little gem. However, I found a tutorial that is very close to what I did. She also has a few other fantastic zipper ideas.
Here is another fabulous flower. GO HERE for a tutorial.
Below is the Chrysi felt flower. I love making smaller versions for little girl's hair clips. Again click HERE for more info.

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