Thursday, February 24, 2011

Toddler Bed Skirts

One of my amazing friends who has 6 kids (5 of them are boys!), asked me to help her make bed skirts for 2 toddler beds so that she can store buckets of wheat under them. She wanted to hide the legs of the beds and so this is what we came up with. It is literally a skirt. It was fast, inexpensive and I love the finished products.

First of all look how many buckets you can put under a toddler bed 10! You could even put other things in the buckets like your off season clothing.

First we measured how long we wanted the bed skirts to be and then we added a few inches for the hems and the casing for the elastic. Ours was 23”. Then we cut the material into sections of 23”.

Then we sewed all the panels together into 1 long strip, and then into a big tube.

Once we sewed the tube. I turned down the top edge and sewed a casing for the elastic making sure to leave an opening big enough for the elastic to fit. Then we laced the elastic in and fit it on the bed until it was gathered to how we liked it. Then, I cut and sewed the elastic to itself. Make sure that you go over your stitches a few times. Last, sew the hole for the elastic shut.

Now, try it on and then you will hem to the desired length.

The kids played in it like a tent while we were adjusting. Even the baby crawled under.

Last Tack it onto the bed with small nails or heavy duty staples. Adjust the gathers as you do this.

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