Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dinosaur Party

Last weekend my oldest kid Ethan turned 7!  He wanted to have a dinosaur party and so... here are some of the ideas that we did.  It was so much fun and now we are exhausted!

The Decorations
I used a banner from my father in laws Green Bay Packer party and my sister wrote Ethan's name on a set of small pennants from the same party.  We got green tablecloth's from the dollar store and crate paper and balloons to put around.   My favorite thing was the dinosaur puzzles.  We found them at Michael's for $1!  We painted them with acrylic paint and then as we built them we used a little wood glue.  We just used a little paint on a card and wrote the kids names for the dino's to hold.  All the kids got to take these home at the end of the party. 

Jurasic Time Machine
This was Ethan's idea.  He wanted to have the kids go into a time machine and turn into dinosaurs.  We did this as the kids arrived before they played the Dino Tar Pit game. I made this with a hula-hoop from the dollar store.  I just found the break in the Hula hoop opened it up and with my camo material I just folded it over and sewed a casing to tread the hula hoop through.  Then I threaded the hula hoop through and put the hula hoop back together. We just pinned the sign on with safety pins.   
 Dinos in the Tar Pit
We played this game at the begining as we were waiting for all the guest to arrive.  This is a game that is like musical chairs.  Put out a table cloth or rug across the floor.  I used a table runner.  Put the music on and have the kids act like their favorite dinosaur and as the music plays they have to walk across the "tar pit" table cloth.  When you stop the music the kids who are stuck in the "tar pit" table cloth are out.  We just started it again until the all the kids got to the party.   
(sorry that we don't have any pictures of this)

Pin the bones on the dinosaur
 My sister found this game at a party store for $5.  We blind folded and spun the kids around.  It was funny you can always tell which kids cheat. 

Homemade Lava
 This was Ethan's favorite part of the party.  I found a tutorial to make slime here. We just called it Lava.  I made the one with clear glue and I cut the recipe in half for each kid.  It made plenty.  We put it in small disposable containers and made sure the kids knew not to eat it. (It looked a little too much like red jell-o!)  This is a little messy so make it in a place where you can clean up easy. 

Palentologist bags
I sewed drawstring bags and used yarn as the drawstring. Then, I used a cricut and freezer paper to stencil on each kids name with orange acrylic paint. We went to home depot and found a bag of paint brushes and painted them with a few coats of acrylic paint, used sharpie to write each kids name on the handle and put ribbon through the handle. Here is a tutorial for those.  We also found the dust masks at home depot. I found the magnifying glasses at a party store. Other party favors that we put in the bags at the end were chocolate dino suckers, dino bubbles and dino stickers.   

The kids are now ready for a Dino-Dig!
It was a rainy day so we had to bring the sand box in the house. Maybe it is because we rent but we are a little crazy like that. We hid plastic dinosaurs, dog milk bones, toy solders, and a few plastic snakes. The kids used their paint brushes and shovels to find things.
Dino-Egg Hunt

Since Ethan's birthday is around Easter it made it easy to find eggs for an egg hunt.  I found these camo eggs at the dollar store.  We put little plastic dinosaurs in them and hid them in our playroom.   

Dino-Egg Relay
Using a few of the eggs and large spoons the kids did a relay.
Mento and Coke Geyser
Ethan's aunt sent this for his birthday.  We bought a few 2 liter bottles of diet coke and shot this off at the end of the party.  It was awesome!   

Be Amazing! 7130 Steve Spangler's Geyser Tube
For Lunch we served Dino-nuggets, tatertots and fruit Kabobs
We also made Jell-o jiggler dino egg's. I used the jell-o beans mold. It was easy and the kids really loved them.  We made red kool-aid as Lava juice.   

The Cake
I cannot take any credit for the cake.  My husband made it and I think that he did an awesome job.  He made two round cakes and one bundt cake.  Then he stacked all 3 and put a cup down the middle and frosted it.  For smoke he used dry ice and a little water. 
That is All!  Happy Birthday Ethan!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Book Bag

Another Mother's Day Idea
Materials:  Table Runner (Clearance at Target), 2 Fabric Napkins or Coordinating Fabric, Thread, Heat & Bond, and about 2 hours.
Step 1.  Cut up a napkin into several equal strips.
Step 2:  Sew them all together.
Step 3:  Fold this long tube in half, right sides together and sew down the side to create an extra long tube of fabric. After sewing turn right side out.  It should look something like the picture below. Well, except maybe not heart shaped.
Step 4:  This long tube of fabric will be your handle.  Lay your table runner right side up and fold one end  about 2/3 the way up the fabric. Then sew along sides.
Step 5:  Attach handle by pinning along the side of the table runner like so, and then sew to attach.
Step 6:   Turn the table runner right side out.  The top will poke out a little bit because of the handles.  Glue them or sew them to get the fabric to lay flat.
Step 7:  Using the other napkin cut out a strip of fabric 6 x 12 inches and a strip of Heat & Bond the same size.
Step 8:  Iron the fabric onto the Heat & Bond
Step 9:  If you do not have a Cricut, write your letters on the back or the paper side of the Heat & Bond and then cut them out with scissors.  If you have a Cricut, with paper still attached to fabric, use a Popsicle stick to thoroughly adhere the fabric, paper side down to the Cricut cutting board and cut out your letters. When finished line up your letters on the flap of the bag like so...
Step 10:  Iron-on and you are finished. 

Note:  I would suggest using a darker colored fabric than I used for the letters. The white washed out after ironing and made the letters hard to read. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pearl Ribbon Necklace

Mother's Day Idea
I made this necklace for a friend's birthday this past weekend, but I was thinking that it would also make a great Mother's Day gift. 

Unfortunately, the pictures I took while making this necklace, the same pictures that would be most helpful in explaining the process are HORRIBLE!  Therefore, I will attempt to use words alone to describe the process. Good luck!

1. Cut an extra long strip of ribbon. I would "guesstimate" that the ribbon should be twice as long as your desired necklace length.  Note:  my ribbon was really fat so I folded it in half.
2.  Burn the ends of the ribbon to avoid fraying.
3.  Using an especially long piece of thread, thread your needle and make a knot in the end.
4.  Starting about 1/4 of the way down your ribbon, pull your thread through from the back until the knot catches.  Now thread a pearl onto the string.
5.  Pinch your ribbon to make a fold and thread your needle through the fold and then onto another pearl. 
6. Repeat until you are satisfied. 
7. When you get to the last pearl, instead of pinching and folding just string your thread to the back, tie a knot, and cut. 
Now that you are sufficiently confused.  Here is a pretty similar tutorial, but guess what,  she actually has pictures!

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Blues

A few years ago I bought this hutch at a thrift store for $15. 

 There was something about it that caught my eye, probably the color.  Unfortunately, I don't really have anything blue in my house.  This little gem has shifted from room to room, never really settling on a permanent spot.  A few months ago I put it in my living room, near my garage entry.  It's doors conceal the kid's shoes and school papers. Perfectly functional, but still doesn't really go with the rest of the room. I decided I could repaint the hutch or get all new furniture.  Neither solution seemed very appealing. Instead, I decided to add some blue to the room. I spray painted my lamp shades blue and... 
I spray painted some Mason jars in a coordinating color. This happens to be Satin Aqua Blue by Rustoleum.
Then, I added my favorite flowers. Right now they happen to be these tissue paper cherry blossoms

I am happy with the accents and excited to try some different flowers in the jars like these paper Dogwoods, I found on Martha Stewart.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby Legs with Flair!

Okay, I know I have said it before, but I really do LOVE me some baby legs.  I recently saw some at the store with an adorable tulle accent.  I couldn't resist making some for Belle

Materials: A pair of women's knee high socks or little girl's over the knee socks, six- 2 by 10 inch strips of tulle, and coordinating thread.
(By the way, I bought the knee socks at Target.  They are on clearance for $1.  The tulle is from a tutu that no longer fits Belle)
Step 1:  Cut the heel and the toe from the socks. You will then have 4 strips, 2 long & 2 short.
Step 2:  Using three of the tulle strips, lie them on top of each other and take a gathering stitch along the top of the tulle.
Step 3:  Turn the long sock strips inside out and fold the small strips inside of each other right sides out.
Step 4:  Sew the tulle onto the small tube.
(sorry the colors keep changing, I was making two sets while taking photos)
Step 5: Stuff the small tube with the tulle attached into the large tube.
Step 6:  Sew the small tube to the long tube.
Step 6:  Turn  right side out and put them on some cute baby's legs.