Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Book Bag

Another Mother's Day Idea
Materials:  Table Runner (Clearance at Target), 2 Fabric Napkins or Coordinating Fabric, Thread, Heat & Bond, and about 2 hours.
Step 1.  Cut up a napkin into several equal strips.
Step 2:  Sew them all together.
Step 3:  Fold this long tube in half, right sides together and sew down the side to create an extra long tube of fabric. After sewing turn right side out.  It should look something like the picture below. Well, except maybe not heart shaped.
Step 4:  This long tube of fabric will be your handle.  Lay your table runner right side up and fold one end  about 2/3 the way up the fabric. Then sew along sides.
Step 5:  Attach handle by pinning along the side of the table runner like so, and then sew to attach.
Step 6:   Turn the table runner right side out.  The top will poke out a little bit because of the handles.  Glue them or sew them to get the fabric to lay flat.
Step 7:  Using the other napkin cut out a strip of fabric 6 x 12 inches and a strip of Heat & Bond the same size.
Step 8:  Iron the fabric onto the Heat & Bond
Step 9:  If you do not have a Cricut, write your letters on the back or the paper side of the Heat & Bond and then cut them out with scissors.  If you have a Cricut, with paper still attached to fabric, use a Popsicle stick to thoroughly adhere the fabric, paper side down to the Cricut cutting board and cut out your letters. When finished line up your letters on the flap of the bag like so...
Step 10:  Iron-on and you are finished. 

Note:  I would suggest using a darker colored fabric than I used for the letters. The white washed out after ironing and made the letters hard to read. 


  1. This is soooo cute and easy! Table runners are always on clearance or at the dollar stores, so this is a cheap chic project! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE Target and their many clearance end isles!! You can do so many things with that stuff! This bag turned out really cute!!!

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  4. soo cute.. this, and your blog..

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