Friday, April 15, 2011

The Blues

A few years ago I bought this hutch at a thrift store for $15. 

 There was something about it that caught my eye, probably the color.  Unfortunately, I don't really have anything blue in my house.  This little gem has shifted from room to room, never really settling on a permanent spot.  A few months ago I put it in my living room, near my garage entry.  It's doors conceal the kid's shoes and school papers. Perfectly functional, but still doesn't really go with the rest of the room. I decided I could repaint the hutch or get all new furniture.  Neither solution seemed very appealing. Instead, I decided to add some blue to the room. I spray painted my lamp shades blue and... 
I spray painted some Mason jars in a coordinating color. This happens to be Satin Aqua Blue by Rustoleum.
Then, I added my favorite flowers. Right now they happen to be these tissue paper cherry blossoms

I am happy with the accents and excited to try some different flowers in the jars like these paper Dogwoods, I found on Martha Stewart.


  1. Based on this blog...I've got to say your house must be adorable.

  2. Very Cute! I love the blue mason jars and this is something I can actually make! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. This is beautiful I love the colors

  4. So pretty! Thanks for the cute tute! We would ♥ for you to link this up :)

    :)Lolly Jane