Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cuff & Clutch

I am going to call this my Tiffany's inspired Cuff & Clutch.  It was that beautiful Tiffany's Blue that caught my eye and made me NEED to create something with it! Here is what I came up with:

Can you guess what it is made from?  Placemats, napkins, and an empty Mountain Dew Can!
(All from Target)
This project took about 30 minutes and I love the result.  Click the READ MORE BUTTON below for the full tutorial.
Here are the supplies for the clutch:
1 or 2 placemats
(using 1 placemat might make sewing easier)
2 napkins
Velcro, snaps, buttons, or magnetic clasp

First, we will make the orange ruffle from a napkin.  Since, I am on a jewelry kick doesn't the design look a little Chanel to you? LOVELY
Cut about a 3 inch strip from your napkin.
Fold it in half right sides together (long ways) and stitch across the raw edge. You should have a long tube at this point.
When finished turn it right side out and make a gathering stitch down the middle to create a ruffled look.
To gather, set your machine on the largest stitch setting or basting stitch. When finished sewing, gently pull the top stitch to create a ruffle.  Then pin it onto the placemat you want showing on the outside of your clutch. Make sure to tuck the edges over the placemat as pictured below for a cleaner look when finished.
Now that your ruffle is pinned in place, pin both placemats together as pictured below and stitch around the entire perimeter.
Turn it over and fold the bottom up.  Stitch it to form the bottom of your clutch. BEWARE!  I broke 3 needles during this process.
You probably can tell that not even the sewers at Target are perfect.  Neither of these placemats were perfectly proportional.  Just do the best you can. Pinning helps a lot.  Next, add Velcro to keep the clutch closed. Sorry, for the funky colored picture.
Using a 2 inch strip of the remaining napkin, make a fabric rosette and glue it onto your clutch. (If you aren't sure how to make a rosette do a Google search there are millions of tutorials.)
Now, onto the cuff.  I don't have many pictures for this but I am sure you can figure it out.  First, CAREFULLY cut a 2 inch strip out of an aluminum can.  Then, glue fabric around it.  You may have to double your fabric to keep the soda insignia from showing.
When the aluminum is covered you can glue the ends together to create a bangle or leave the ends open.  Make a few more fabric rosettes to glue on and you are finished.


  1. omg are you kidding me?! that's frickin brilliant!! what an amazing project...thanks for sharing!

  2. that is soooo cute. I am going to try it..

  3. Love that clutch! Especially since it's made from a placemat. Great idea.

  4. I saw these napkins/placemats at Target and LOVE them. Good choice of colors for spring! Can't wait to make 'em! Thanks!

  5. Awesome - I love this idea!
    Visiting from TT&J

  6. Beyond cute!

    (Man, I wish knew how to sew!!)

  7. love the colors. so spring and summer. This is Fab!!! Glad I found your blog. I am a new follower and going to look through your posts.

  8. So cute and the fabrics are lovely. I especially love the clutch.

  9. Gotta love that fabulous Target. I'm stopping by with some fun news for you! Your blog has been nominated for the Best in Show award on my site!
    Be sure to come vote when you get a chance and GOOD LUCK :)

  10. Wow girl!!! Way to make use of some unusual materials to make something so lovely! Love the rosettes and that cuff! So cute! Thanks for sharing on Fancy This Fridays!

  11. Love the cuff! How clever to use the soda can!

  12. wow, you sure are creative, making things out of nothing, its cool and very beautiful too. great job done

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