Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Growth Chart

 This is the doorway where we use a PENCIL to mark the kid's height.  This is also the doorway that my son thought he would decorate with a red sharpie because obviously it is an okay place to write.  This is what I created and stuck on the wall to cover the mess! 
How to:   
Buy a board and cut it or have it cut to desired length. 
Paint the board. I spray painted mine.
Use a tape measure/ruler to create the measurements on your board.
I used a Cricut to cut out vinyl numbers/lines to stick to my board.You could use a sharpie, paint, stencils, whatever.
Hang! (Shh! I hot glued my board to the wall.  Glue usually peels right off when your finished.)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Egg Carton Dump Truck

First, I should say that I cannot take credit for this idea. At the same time, I am not sure who should get the credit. I recently saw a picture of an egg carton dump truck but alas, I cannot find it again or the tutorial.  Here is me winging it.  So, whoever you are I am sorry and thanks for such a fun idea. This actually entertained my 4 year old son for at least 3 hours today.

Read More for the HOW TO!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Subway Art Tutorial

Have you noticed Subway Art popping up everywhere!  There are lots of great ideas, everything from art for newborn babies...
to family rules,
or even Seasonal artwork.
Here is how you can create Subway Art with your own personal touch!
First, go HERE to Picnik and download any photo. Picnik is a free site and it is very simple to use.
Now that your random picture has been uploaded to the site, click on the CREATE TAB at the top.  Then select the STICKERS TAB.  Scroll down the sticker window until you find BASIC GEOMETRIC SHAPES. A window, as shown on the left of the picture above, with various sticker shapes will appear. Choose the RECTANGLE, and stretch it to completely cover your picture. Now your newly uploaded picture should be a giant black rectangle. As you are stretching a pop-up box will appear that will allow you to change the color of your sticker. 
Now that your picture is covered with a rectangle in the color of your choice.  Click the TEXT tab. Begin writing your text, one phrase at a time, in the text window and playing with the fonts. Picnik has a plethora of fonts to choose from.  As you type your text, another window will appear to let you change the color of the font. Then move the text around your rectangle and place it where you want.
I made this for my son's birthday. It describes him including his likes and dislikes. I  thought it would be fun to make one every year and see how he changes as he grows up.  You can also turn them into postcards or greeting cards.  Oh! The possibilities!!!
Save your new masterpiece when complete. Then you can either print it from your computer or order it from Picnik, Shutterfly,  Costco, etc. in whatever size you desire.  Frame it and enjoy.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cub Scouts Corner- Bean Bags

I have been a cub scout leader for 6 years and I am always looking online for ideas.  I thought that I would occasionally start putting some ideas that I use on our blog to help out other leaders.  The great thing is that these ideas are fun for kids of all ages.   
Bean Bags are a simple way to keep scouts hands busy and you can use them for all sorts of games.  I like to fill bean bags with rice. It seems like it doesn't hurt as bad when you get hit with one.  (which happens in cubs a lot!)  I usually take my sewing machine to my den meeting and have the bean bags 3/4 of the way done before hand.  Then I let the scouts fill them up and I finish the sewing.  I serge mine but you can also make them with a regular sewing machine. Like these (made by my sister in law). 

Here are some fun games found here.  I love the challenges. They are quick and simple. I also made these targets for a bean bag toss.  I used wooden bean bag game targets that my kids made at the home depot kid workshop.  I painted them and then, I found the cub scout clip art. I printed it out and then I modge podged it onto the targets.     I usually let the scouts take home 5 bean bags and a copy of the games so that they can play with their families.  This activity will pass off  Wolf Achievement 10b and also Wolf Elective 4d.        

Monday, May 16, 2011


Here is something for the little boys in your life! 
Start with some of your hubby's ugly ties or head to the thrift store for some cheap one's. 
Once your tie has been selected, find some matching buttons for your Snake's eyes.
Reach under the lining on the bottom side of the tie and you will find an opening.  This opening is on both ends.  Sew your buttons on, making sure not to go through the lining, but rather the top of the tie only.
Cut a tongue from a piece of felt. Sew or glue it on the underside of your snake.

Begin stuffing your snake with fiber fill.  I actually gutted an old pillow for this job. You can stuff from either end.  You will need a pencil or long stick to get the stuffing into the skinny parts of the tie.
When fully stuffed, glue or sew the opening closed.
I added a bow for Belle's snake because we all know that not all snakes can be boys!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cabochon Crazy

I love the Resin Flower Cabochons showing up on jewelry designs everywhere. I wanted to learn to make my own.  But, when I realized all of the steps required and the different chemicals & dyes I needed, I became a little intimidated. Then I saw this on sale for $4.99.
Sculpey Pluffy Clay!  It is a modable clay that you bake to harden. There are easy baking instructions on the box and this stuff is really fun for kids too.  Anyway, I thought I would try making my own Cabochons, the simple way-with clay.  First, I needed some molds.
I found these HERE on etsy and I started creating. 
Using an old cheap ring I found drowning in the bottom of my jewelry box, I glued this Cabochon on top and created a brand new look.
Belle got a few new embellishments on some boring hair clips.

Earrings too!  Pluffy clay does not come in silver or navy, but by painting some white Cabchons the color possiblities are endless.  Again I used some old earrings (circa. 1985) to make them new.
I think the blue and silver flower are a definite improvement to the big gold heart!
You can even roll the clay into balls to create your own beads.  My son had a great time rolling the beads.  They aren't perfect but they have personality!
I stuck toothpicks through the beads before I baked them. Obviously, this makes stringing them together much easier.
With one package of sculpey clay you can make at least 100 Cabochons. As you can see, you can use them in lots of different ways! 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Olivia Pig Birthday Party

My sweet princess turned one last week. Unfortunately, she was sick on her big day.  We went ahead with the celebration, just without guests and not a lot of birthday excitement from Belle.

The Clothes
Her outfit consisted of red & white legwarmers, a red tutu, and a 1-sie!  Ironing Heat & Bond onto some coordinating fabric, then cutting out the number one and ironing it onto her onesie is how I created this shirt.  I also embroidered around the "1" with some red thread and sewed on a bow.

The Cake
Strawberry cupcakes with red and pink frosting topped off with Olivia on a lollipop stick.  I went online and found Olivia paper plates for sale. I then copied the image into a word document and printed a few dozen on cardstock. Notice my cupcake stand is sitting on top of a cupcake wreath that I made for Valentine's Day.  In fact, many of the decorations were recycled Valentine's projects.

The Decorations
A little hard to see with our jungle of a backyard in the rear but the bunting says, "Happy 1st Birthday Harley Belle!"

With cooridinating black & red table cloths I decorated with Olivia books and red flowers.  I made these cone tress with some fabric and tissue paper rosettes.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Umbrella Wreath

A paper drink umbrella wreath just in time for summer.  My wreath is actually hanging on Belle's bedroom door, hence the fuzzy picture. The hallway is a little too dark for picture taking.

Basic Supplies: 
I had to break the umbrella sticks in half because they were a bit too long.  Then I just stuck them into my foam,  added a ribbon to hang, and a flower to make it even cuter.