Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cub Scouts Corner- Bean Bags

I have been a cub scout leader for 6 years and I am always looking online for ideas.  I thought that I would occasionally start putting some ideas that I use on our blog to help out other leaders.  The great thing is that these ideas are fun for kids of all ages.   
Bean Bags are a simple way to keep scouts hands busy and you can use them for all sorts of games.  I like to fill bean bags with rice. It seems like it doesn't hurt as bad when you get hit with one.  (which happens in cubs a lot!)  I usually take my sewing machine to my den meeting and have the bean bags 3/4 of the way done before hand.  Then I let the scouts fill them up and I finish the sewing.  I serge mine but you can also make them with a regular sewing machine. Like these (made by my sister in law). 

Here are some fun games found here.  I love the challenges. They are quick and simple. I also made these targets for a bean bag toss.  I used wooden bean bag game targets that my kids made at the home depot kid workshop.  I painted them and then, I found the cub scout clip art. I printed it out and then I modge podged it onto the targets.     I usually let the scouts take home 5 bean bags and a copy of the games so that they can play with their families.  This activity will pass off  Wolf Achievement 10b and also Wolf Elective 4d.        

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