Monday, May 23, 2011

Subway Art Tutorial

Have you noticed Subway Art popping up everywhere!  There are lots of great ideas, everything from art for newborn babies...
to family rules,
or even Seasonal artwork.
Here is how you can create Subway Art with your own personal touch!
First, go HERE to Picnik and download any photo. Picnik is a free site and it is very simple to use.
Now that your random picture has been uploaded to the site, click on the CREATE TAB at the top.  Then select the STICKERS TAB.  Scroll down the sticker window until you find BASIC GEOMETRIC SHAPES. A window, as shown on the left of the picture above, with various sticker shapes will appear. Choose the RECTANGLE, and stretch it to completely cover your picture. Now your newly uploaded picture should be a giant black rectangle. As you are stretching a pop-up box will appear that will allow you to change the color of your sticker. 
Now that your picture is covered with a rectangle in the color of your choice.  Click the TEXT tab. Begin writing your text, one phrase at a time, in the text window and playing with the fonts. Picnik has a plethora of fonts to choose from.  As you type your text, another window will appear to let you change the color of the font. Then move the text around your rectangle and place it where you want.
I made this for my son's birthday. It describes him including his likes and dislikes. I  thought it would be fun to make one every year and see how he changes as he grows up.  You can also turn them into postcards or greeting cards.  Oh! The possibilities!!!
Save your new masterpiece when complete. Then you can either print it from your computer or order it from Picnik, Shutterfly,  Costco, etc. in whatever size you desire.  Frame it and enjoy.


  1. OMG!! Melisa
    You must have read my mind because I spent a good amount of time, looking for this on google!!! I just didn't know what it was called. I think your idea is much better:) Thank you sooooo much:)

  2. Hello, how cute! I just posted a subway art canvas on my blog this week too! Be sure to stop by & link up at MY Favorite Things Party going on all week =D