Monday, May 9, 2011

Olivia Pig Birthday Party

My sweet princess turned one last week. Unfortunately, she was sick on her big day.  We went ahead with the celebration, just without guests and not a lot of birthday excitement from Belle.

The Clothes
Her outfit consisted of red & white legwarmers, a red tutu, and a 1-sie!  Ironing Heat & Bond onto some coordinating fabric, then cutting out the number one and ironing it onto her onesie is how I created this shirt.  I also embroidered around the "1" with some red thread and sewed on a bow.

The Cake
Strawberry cupcakes with red and pink frosting topped off with Olivia on a lollipop stick.  I went online and found Olivia paper plates for sale. I then copied the image into a word document and printed a few dozen on cardstock. Notice my cupcake stand is sitting on top of a cupcake wreath that I made for Valentine's Day.  In fact, many of the decorations were recycled Valentine's projects.

The Decorations
A little hard to see with our jungle of a backyard in the rear but the bunting says, "Happy 1st Birthday Harley Belle!"

With cooridinating black & red table cloths I decorated with Olivia books and red flowers.  I made these cone tress with some fabric and tissue paper rosettes.


  1. Found you through Made by You Monday. My daughter would love an Olivia party! I can't show her this. LOL Everything looks so pretty!

  2. Everything looks so Adorable!

  3. Such a lovely blog!! The party décor and arrangements are adorable. The buntings at the back yard are simply fantastic. Have booked one of venues in NYC for my nephew’s birthday party. Want to throw a great party.