Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Butterfly Chandelier

The inspiration:  Pottery Barn's Butterfly Chandelier $30.
 My lacking photography skills do not do this project justice but here is the tutorial.
What you need:
Embroidery Hoop
Butterfly Paper Punch
Clear Thread
Using the thread create a web by tying knots around the embroidery hoop as pictured above.
After punching at least a GAZILLION butterflies, (actually around 100), cut a long strip of thread and lay it on top of a butterfly with a dab of glue. Then stick another butterfly on top-as poorly pictured above.  When your strip is as long as you like, tie it onto the hoop/and or the clear thread webbing.  My strands have anywhere from 10 to 6 butterflies. Repeat this process until your chandelier has as many butterflies as you want.
I covered the outside of the hoop with some tulle and used another strip to tie around the center of my chandelier to hang on the ceiling.

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