Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Old Tights = New Flowers

Wow! Just look how happy this project made me.
 Old panty hose or even kid's tights.
(Make sure they are clean, who wants to wear dirty panty hose their head)
Glue and/or Sewing Machine with coordinating thread
Scrap Fabric/Felt/Interfacing
Alligator Clips/Brooch Pins
Take the tights and cut one leg into two long tubes. (Each pair of tights will make two flowers) Fold both tubes in half and take a gathering stitch on the fold.  If you don't have a machine just improvise with hot glue.  When finished you should have two pieces that look something like...
Take one piece and shape it into a donut, gluing it in place like so...
Using a piece of scrap felt/fabric/interfacing cut a circle and glue to the bottom of your donut.
Now take your remaining piece of tights and fill in the middle of your donut attaching with hot glue.  (Sorry no picture!) You can add an embellishment to the center if you like.  Additionally, glue an alligator clip and a brooch pin to the back.
Clip it in your hair or pin onto your shirt.

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  1. So cute! I like how happy Belle looks with her clip.