Friday, March 4, 2011

Mission: Organization

I once saw this Oprah with, what's-his-name-organization guy.  Oprah and what's-his-face completely reorganized the most disorganized home in America.  They went to the Container Store to accomplish this amazing feat.  Boy, was I inspired. I almost immediately took myself to the Container Store where I sadly realized that I wasn't rich enough to be organized.  Well, here are a few simple and cheap organization ideas that I recently implemented in my home.  (No Oprah, what's-his-name, or Container Store necessary)

Does anyone else accumulate "STUFF" at the bottom of their stairs? 
  I feel like I am constantly putting something at the bottom or top of my stairs that needs to go up or down.  Here is my solution.  Place a box at the bottom and top,  fill it up and take it all at once.  First, I took some big boxes and cut off the flaps from the top.
I covered the bottoms with fabric.  I wish that I had some easy tip on how to cover the boxes.  I just wrapped them as best I could, cut, glued, and played with the fabric until I was satisfied.
 Next, I covered the top and inside of the boxes with some canvas and added some vinyl letters. I cut my letters out with a Cricut but you could always free draw or print the letters and hot glue them onto your fabric.
My desk and computer are safely hidden behind a pair of closet doors but  I feel the need to get even my hidden messes under control.  I used cereal boxes and wrapping paper to solve this problem.  First, trim the boxes to the size that works for your needs.
I used wrapping paper to cover the boxes and then added the labels. I have one for bills, things to be filed, coupons, computer paper, school stuff, and misc.
I used two tacks on the inside of my boxes to stick them onto the wall. Fast, easy, cheap and a totally effective solution.


  1. I am inspired! Finally, a project I can do with my glue gun. That's totally my speed.

  2. Nice idea. Hmm...I've been looking for cheap pretty paper trays. Maybe coloring them myself is the answer!

  3. I love the stair boxes! I definitely need some of those! There is constantly junk on my stairs waiting to go up!

  4. You inspired me today. I'll come to your blog whenever I'll need a little boost for my ORGANIZING. The Box ideas are great:)

  5. We always seem to have one or two things sitting to the side of the stairs, too. I think I'll have to give this a try, even if I just use baskets/boxes I already have. Thanks for the idea!

  6. The stair boxes are a fantastic idea, love it, thank you for sharing.

  7. Loving this idea!!! Genius!

    Happy Day,
    Jasey @ Crazy Daisy

  8. Favorite recycling project, EVERRRR! That is truly unique! I will have to try this... since my stairs is the kids gathering place for items that never make it where they need to go!

    Stopping by from your link at Tatortots and Jello!
    ~Rachel @

  9. Oh my gosh! THis is an AWESOME idea!! My house is infamous for having a huge pile on each end of the stairs... because NO ONE takes it up/down! Lol I think I'm gonna make one asap!

  10. I love teh boxes for the stairs. Great idea and you executed it really well.


  11. Genius! As soon as I have some stairs I'm making these:) I'll be featuring you as a Friday Fav this week at