Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Topiary Treasures

I made these two topiaries to enhance our Spring Decor, but they turned out so cute that they ended up as permamnent fixtures in Harley Belle's room. 
Here is what you need! 
Styrofoam ball, paper, pins, and flower paper punch found HERE.
I bought the trees at the dollar section of Target.
Punch a million or so paper flowers and pin them onto your ball.
After the ball if full of lovely flowers, stick it onto your tree, some twigs, or place a few in a basket!
I also found these little gems HERE. Aren't the jellybeans adorable?


  1. Those are super cute Melisa. Very fun for spring! When did you buy those trees (and do you think they are still there if I look for them)?

  2. Very cute. I love the colored centers!

  3. These are seriously SO cute! I was SHOCKED to see mine...thank you so MUCH for featuring them! You know how I LOVE topiaries!!! I just may be making me some of them!! Thanks for linking up!


  4. Oh wow, so cute. Very creative.

    Thanks for sharing :)