Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shirt Downsize

Harley Belle was born in May and we had a beach weekend 3 weeks later.  Yeah, I looked FAN-freakin-Tastic!   Especially, since I am lucky enough to gain at least 70 lbs., sometimes more, with each bundle of joy. Anyway, I bought a bunch of new clothes for the summer. You know, the post-baby clothes.  Although it makes me very happy to say this, most of those cute clothes don't fit anymore. Then again, I am not ready to just toss them aside.  So, here is my solution.  

First, find a shirt that does fit or even a shirt that is a bit snug.  Turn the shirt that is too large inside out and then pin the shirt that does fit on top of the large shirt, like so...
  Now, bust out the sewing machine and stitch along the small shirt. Careful! Don't sew the small shirt to the big shirt.  That would be a disaster.  Just stay as close as you can to the shirt that fits with the foot of your machine.  TIP:  Sewing knit fabrics is kind of tough. Sometimes the fabric gathers even when you don't want it too.  Make sure to pull the fabric very tightly as you sew.
Next, unpin the small shirt. You should have a stitch along the sides of your large shirt that looks something like this.
Next, turn your large shirt right side out and try it on.  If the fit is good, turn it inside out again and trim the excess fabric.
Realistically, most of us don't get to down-size the size of our clothes very often. At least, I don't any way.  But, let me give you a few other examples of when this technique comes in handy.  The other day I was at Target.  They had some adorable shirts on sale for $2.  Unfortunately, they were all too large.  If I had only thought of this idea sooner I would have stocked up on these great deals!  Also, we each have those T-shirts we get for something we participated in,  like the local Fun Run or Church Basketball.  They are always perfectly rectangular and totally unflattering.  Why not add a little femininity to your tee by using this method.

Here is one of the shirts I down sized.  Probably should have taken a BEFORE picture for the full effect!  Live and learn.

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