Tuesday, March 1, 2011

St. Patricks Day Fun!

Here are a few fun ideas for kids for St. Patrick’s Day. 

Gumball necklaces!  I saw a tutorial on this Blog for Valentine’s Day and so we made a St. Patrick’s Day version.  We got our gumballs at the dollar store. It was easy and Allie loved it.   
Green Bow ties! The boys were feeling left out so I tried out this tutorial.

St. Patrick's Day Food Ideas
My mom always made us green oatmeal.  It looked gross but we loved it. 
You can use green food coloring and draw a picture or your kids name on a piece of bread and then toast it. 
lime jello is a simple fun food.  You can also make lemon for gold. 
Green milk in your cereal.  My sister in law Mona always lets her kids have Lucky Charms only on that day.

 mint chocolate chip ice cream

Anything that is rainbow will work for that day also.  We love the Twizzler's that are rainbow colors.   
St. Patrick's Day Fun
Make a leprechaun trap.  Have your kids try and make a trap to catch the leprechauns and then put it out the night before.  There are lots of ideas here.  Ethan's kindergarten class did this last year and the leprechaun's came in the night and stamped all of the kids traps with a shamrock but none of the traps caught the leprechaun's.    
Leprechaun mischief.  My sister in law Mona's makes green foot prints like this, the leprechaun's come in the night and pull out everything that is green that they can find. plants, books etc.  They can also turn the milk green or toilet water green. At the end of the footprints she has a small treat for the kids to share like chocolate gold coins or green peeps.  She says it is helpful to tell the kids that the Leprechaun's only come to the downstairs so that the kids are not scared at night.

Most of all remember to keep it simple.  It doesn't take much to make the day special for your kids.

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