Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Flower Zipper Flat

The Inspiration! ($198)

The Solution! ($2.68)
Okay, so I am not one of those people who looks at every thing and says, "I could make that way cheaper!" My sweet hubby does that sometimes, and honestly, it drives me BONKERS!!! I guess it shouldn't bother me because sometimes I do say I could make that cheaper and CUTER. Guess what? Sometimes, I am right, like $196 right!

Here is what you need!
1. A pair of flats, new, used, ugly, or otherwise neglected. (I am not exactly sure why I ever had a pair of white flats in my closet. I have definitely never been a nurse and I think that might be the only excuse for a pair of all white shoes!)
2.  Two Zippers
3. Two circles cut from felt
4. Two alligator clips or Bobby pins (optional)
Cut one zipper into 10 equal rectangles (5 for each shoe)
Fold and hot glue like pictured.
Then glue onto a felt circle.
Twist and glue another zipper to form the center.  There is no hard-fast technique for this, just play with your zipper until you are satisfied.
You can glue an alligator clip or Bobbi pin to the felt on back to attach the flower to your shoe or just glue the zipper directly onto the ballet flat.


  1. may not be one of those people who looks for doing everything cheap...but you sure are one creative gal! I've seen these little zipper flats all over this spring and my goodness women, yours look better than the brand spankin new ones at the store!
    I love the way you made the flower...I'm going to have a look through my shoes...thanks for the inspiration! I'm going to tweet this brilliance!
    All Things Heart and Home
    (Beeeautiful blog by the way!)

  2. OMG! This is TOO cute!

  3. Great job - so clever. I've wanted to have a go with zip flowers for ages but maybe this will be the project I try first!

  4. How brilliant is that!!!! You are amazing! Love the look and the cost!! Woohoo!
    Have to show this to my girlfriends.
    Thanks for sharing :)